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02/10/2018 07:18 CST

Today I emptied kitty's litter when I got home. I let him in the backyard, and he tried to climb over the fence but I brought him out of the gate. He laid down by the electric box by the barbed fence, since he couldn't get through it as usual. He was frightened a few times by louder cars and birds, and I wondered if I could change how much he was scared of things, and if that related to him being domesticated less or more. I eventually got too many ideas to keep count of and took him back inside. He fought out of my arms and hesitantly walked back into the yard. He eventually went inside, and I gave him tuna juice. At first he stopped drinking it because he ran out of mouth moisture so I gave him some regular water. Then he wanted more tuna juice so I gave him some, but only 3-4 licks. Then I gave him more water. He hesitated a second before drinking the water, for perhaps 20 licks. Then I gave him more tuna juice, and he was drinking it faster this time. I gave him some more water but instead he just wanted outside. He tried fruitlessly to get through the partially open door (I had opened it when I gave him the tuna) but I bent his cone from each side and helped him through. He walked around in the back yard a bit, I got bored of watching him and went inside and wrote all this. My roommate recovered him after he presumably jumped the fence.

If my cat had my eyes and face

02/10/2018 04:23 CST

I scrolled through this guys blog that I clicked on while searching on DuckDuckGo for Generate Blog and I was about to leave when I saw this image of a dog with a human eyes and moth. So I went to the website that the guy linked to that he said that he used to make it with. and it was http://www.petswitch.com/. So I did it to my cat (actually it was a cat that looks like my cat, I don't want anyone identifying my cat).

Interesting fact about my cat

02/10/2018 03:50 CST

He has FIV which is like HIV. We can't let him outside because he likes to fight and share blood with cats. He gets really grumpy from being inside all the time. We put up a wire fence, but he keeps escaping and possibly giving FIV to other cats. So we are keeping him inside for now until we can find a better solution. This is what our cat looks like:

About the eye pain

02/10/2018 03:47 CST

Sorry... Our time stamps are in barcode because it looked really cool on Google fonts. Red was chosen for the text because it looks cool.

About the title

02/10/2018 03:45 CST

Originally we were going to be like http://fauux.neocities.org/, so we chose a really cool name called "tryptic" for our website domain. But then we chose our interests as cats, nature, and trains, so we made the website about that. And it doesn't really fit the domain name, so we would like our readers to well I dont know be aware of that...


My first entry

02/10/2018 03:27 CST

I searched on DuckDuckGo (You've got to try this out) for cat on train and I found this image. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I really like that it brought together all three things I chose for this blog.

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